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IRS Tax Abbreviations

Here are a list of Abbreviations that are listed in the back of each Internal revenue Bulletin. The only ones we can identify as not listed are those for Internal Revenue Code Section and Treasury Regulation Section.

  • B.T.A.—Board of Tax Appeals.
  • C.B.—Cumulative Bulletin.
  • CFR—Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Ct.D.—Court Decision.
  • Del. Order—Delegation Order.
  • ERISA—Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
  • F.R.—Federal Register.
  • G.C.M.—Chief Counsel’s Memorandum.
  • I.R.B.—Internal Revenue Bulletin.
  • Pub. L.—Public Law.
  • Rev. Proc.—Revenue Procedure.
  • Rev. Rul.—Revenue Ruling.
  • S.P.R.—Statement of Procedural Rules.
  • Stat.—Statutes at Large.
  • T.C.—Tax Court.
  • T.D. —Treasury Decision.
  • T.I.R.—Technical Information Release.
  • U.S.C.—United States Code.

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