Amended Return

Amended Return

About Amended Return:

Amended Return is revised (of the original) tax return that has been filed which needs corrections made to it. It is filed on Federal tax Form 1040X (check here if the Form is current, but this Form has been current for many years), to correct or supplement an error on a return filed during the previous three years. The Amended Return is filed as a correction or supplement to, or replacement for, the original tax return. For example, to claim a refund for a prior year's tax return. This type of return can result in owing more or extra tax or getting a refund, depending on the mistake the taxpayer had. Main Contributor: Mike Harries.

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Claim for refund.

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Description and Definition of Amended Return

An amended return, which is a revised tax return, may be filed on Form 1040X to correct a mistake made on an original return within three years of the original filing. An amended return can result in a refund or additional tax due.


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