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  • Roth Iras

    Roth Iras Issue You may find information about Roth Iras in this Tax Platform of the American Encyclopedia of Law.

  • Restricted Stock

    Description and Definition of Restricted Stock Stock owned by an employee of a company that has limits on its transferability. If you receive restricted stock you do not need to include its value in excess of the amount you paid for it in your income. However, when the restrictions are lifted […]

  • Recognition

    Application for Recognition, § 501(C)(3) Issue You may find information about Application for Recognition, § 501(C)(3) in this Tax Platform of the American Encyclopedia of Law.

  • Revocable Trust

    Revocable Trust means:a trust the provisions of which may be altered as many times as the grantor pleases, or the entire trust agreement can be canceled. A revocable trust differs from an irrevocable trust, which permanently transfers assets from the estate during the grantor's […]

  • Royalty Income

    Description and Definition of Royalty Income Payment for the use and exploitation of certain kinds of property, such as artistic or literary works, patents, and mineral rights. Resources See Also Further Reading Royalty Income in the West's Tax Law Dictionary Royalty Income in "A […]

  • Roth IRA

    Description and Definition of Roth IRA Contributions to a Roth IRA are not deductible but if you meet the qualifications your withdrawals, including interest and gains, are completely tax free. Withdrawals must be taken after you reach age 59-1/2 and at least four calendar years after the year […]

  • Retirement Account

    Myra (My Retirement Account) Issue You may find information about Myra (My Retirement Account) in this Tax Platform of the American Encyclopedia of Law.

  • Return of Capital

    Return of Capital means:a distribution that is not paid out of the earnings and profits of a corporation. Rather, it is a return of the shareholder's investment in the stock of the company. A return of capital is first applied to reduce the basis of the shareholder's stock to […]

  • Regressive Tax

    Regressive Tax means:a tax that either (1) remains the same regardless of the amount involved, or (2) decreases as the amount to which the tax is applied increases. A tax that takes a larger percentage of income from low-income groups than from high-income groups. A regressive tax takes […]

  • Residential Rental Property

    Residential Rental Property means:rental units used for dwelling purposes, not of a transient (hotel, motel) nature. For a building to qualify as residential, at least 80% of its income should be derived from dwelling units. This type of property is eligible for a 2772-year life for […]