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  • Adoption

    Adoption Issue You may find information about Adoption in this Tax Platform of the American Encyclopedia of Law.

  • Adverse Living Conditions

    Description and Definition of Adverse Living Conditions The term Adverse Living Conditions relates to the waiver of time requirements for the foreign earned income exclusion. Adverse Living Conditions are war, civil unrest, and similar conditions that prevent a taxpayer from staying in a […]

  • Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number

    Description and Definition of Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number (ATIN) An Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number is applied for and used for a taxpayer's child if the child's adoption is pending. If an authorized adoption agency places a child in your home, you may be able to […]

  • Adjustment

    Description and Definition of Adjustment An adjustment is a reduction of your income for expenses, such as IRAs, up to $1,000 of interest on higher education loans, alimony, medical savings accounts, job-related moving expenses, any penalty paid on the early withdrawal of savings, the […]

  • Adjusted Gross Income

    About Adjusted Gross Income: Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is the Gross income (including all taxable sources) reduced by a percentage of income (because of certain adjustments), for example charitable contributions, deductible IRA contribution, student loan interest and miscellaneous itemized […]

  • Adjusted Basis

    Description and Definition of Adjusted Basis Your adjusted basis in property is the starting point for determining taxable gain or loss. It is generally your original cost, increased by capital improvements, and decreased by depreciation, depletion, and other capital write-offs. Special rules […]

  • Adoption Credit

    Description and Definition of Adoption Credit An Adoption Credit is a tax credit for qualifying expenses of adopting a child under 18 or adopting a person who is physically and mentally unable to care for himself or herself. This credit effectively refunds to you the first $5,000 for expenses […]

  • Advanced Earned Income Credit

    About Advanced Earned Income Credit: advance payment of the refundable earned income tax credit by an employer before the eligible taxpayer files his or her return to claim the credit. Any difference between the advance payment and the actual credit will result in a refund to the taxpayer or the tax…

  • Adjusted Current Earnings

    About Adjusted Current Earnings: Or ACE. It may be defined as an adjustment in arriving at a corporation's alternative minimum taxable income. This adjustment increases (or decreases) taxable income by an amount equal to 75% of the excess of ACE over (under) alternative minimum taxable income (deter…

  • Administrator

    Administrator means:a court-appointed individual or bank charged with carrying out the court's decisions with respect to a decedent's estate until it is fully distributed to all claimants. An administrator is appointed when a person dies without having made a will or without having named an exec…