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  • Below Market Rate Loans

    Description and Definition of Below Market Rate Loans These are loans that are made at an interest rate that is below the prevailing market rate. Under certain circumstances the IRS imputes a higher interest rate. This can create additional taxable interest income even if you didn't […]

  • Benefits Received

    Description and Definition of Benefits Received A "Benefits Received" system of taxation occurs when people pay taxes in relation to the amount of government benefits they receive. Some of the benefits U.S. citizens receive include welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid. Some people believe […]

  • Below Par

    About Below Par: at a price below the face, or nominal, value of a security, especially a bond. Generally, the difference between the price paid and the amount received upon sale or maturity is taxed as a capital gain. See also Capital Gain in the American Lega…

  • Below-market Loan

    About Below-market Loan: Also called Below-market-rate loans. A loan that provides for no interest or for interest at less than the statutory federal rate (applicable federal rate, AFR). Such loans are generally recharacterized using the AFR, which will cause the lender to have constructive income t…

  • Bequest

    Bequest means:a gift of personal property by means of a will. Real property is usually transferred by a devise. The term disposition encompasses both a bequest of personalty and a devise of real estate….

  • Best-method Rule

    Best-method Rule means:a rule that states that, in determining the true taxable income of a controlled taxpayer, the arm's-length result of a controlled transaction must be determined under a method that provides the most accurate measure of such a result under the facts and circumstances of the…

  • Before-tax Cash Flow

    Before-tax Cash Flow means:the cash flow before deducting income tax payments or adding income tax benefits. Example of Before-tax Cash Flow: Learn more about tax examples, explanations and calculations here. After deduct…

  • Beneficial Interest

    Beneficial Interest means:the equitable interest in a trust held by the beneficiary of the trust, as distinguished from the interest of the trustee, who holds legal title. Any person who, under the terms of the trust instrument, has the right to the income or principal of the trust fund has a be…

  • Benefit Principle

    Benefit Principle means:the proposition that those who benefit from government expenditures, which are financed by taxes, should pay the taxes that finance the expenditures….

  • Benefit Period

    Benefit Period means, under the Medicare program, the period that begins the day a person enters a hospital and ends when he or she has been out of a hospital or skilled nursing facility for 60 consecutive days….