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  • Circular 230

    Circular 230 means:¬†an U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication that sets forth the requirements and responsibilities of professional preparers of tax returns. The statement details educational, ethical, and procedural guidelines. Treasury Department Circular No. 230 – Regulations […]

  • Civil Damages

    Civil Damages Issue You may find information about Civil Damages in this Tax Platform of the American Encyclopedia of Law.

  • Citizenship Test

    Description and Definition of Citizenship Test A person must meet this and other tests to qualify as your dependent. To meet this test, the person must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of Canada or Mexico, or an alien child whom you have adopted and who lived with you for the entire year. […]

  • Civil Penalty

    Civil Penalty means:a fine or sanction against a taxpayer or tax preparer for failure to comply with tax rules. Such a penalty is imposed when a person violates tax statutes (e.g., fails to file a tax return) without reasonable cause, and the violation is the result of negligence or intentional …

  • Citator

    Citator means:a research resource that presents the judicial history of a court decision and traces subsequent references to the decision….

  • Citation

    Citation means:a shorthand, formal way of citing a tax source. Example 1: The Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is cited as IRC. Example 2: A U.S. Tax Court decision is cited in the form Robert L. Bowlin, 31 TC 188 (1958)….

  • Civil Fraud Penalty

    Civil Fraud Penalty means:an assessment of 75% of an underpayment that is attributable to fraud with intent to evade a tax. Former IRC (check if this IRC provision is current here) §6663(a)….

  • Circular E

    Circular E means:an U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication that provides information useful for employee withholding data. Especially helpful for small businesses….

  • Circulation Expenses

    Circulation Expenses means:the costs of establishing, maintaining, or increasing the circulation of a periodical. Such costs are deductible in the year paid or incurred, whereas the related subscription income is not recognized until the period pertaining to the subscription. Circulation expense…

  • Circuit

    Circuit means:the territory in which a court possesses jurisdiction or travels from place to place to hear and decide cases (e.g., the Fifth Circuit)….