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  • Enterprise Zone

    Description and Definition of Redevelopment or Enterprise Zone A government designated area that has decayed so badly it is in desperate need of substantial improvements. Resources See Also Further Reading Redevelopment or Enterprise Zone in the West's Tax Law Dictionary Redevelopment or […]

  • Entrepreneur

    Description and Definition of Entrepreneur One who assumes the financial risk and other risks of the initiation, operation, and management of a given business or undertaking. Resources See Also Further Reading Entrepreneur in the West's Tax Law Dictionary Entrepreneur in "A […]

  • Enrolled Agent

    Enrolled Agent means:a person other than a certified public accountant or an attorney who is qualified to practice before the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agents have passed a 2-day examination or have worked in a technical area at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for at […]

  • Energy Tax Credit

    About Energy Tax Credit: Former IRC (check if this IRC provision is current here) §§46 and 48. See business energy investment credit. A tax credit, which expired in 1986, for installing insulation and other energy-saving devices….

  • Endowment Contract

    Endowment Contract means:a contract or agreement with an insurance company that depends in part on the life expectancy of the insured, but may be payable in full in a single payment during life. No gain or loss is recognized on the exchange of endowment contracts. Former IRC (check <a href="http…

  • Enterprise Zone Business

    Enterprise Zone Business means:a business entity (like a corporation or company), partnership, or proprietorship that: 1. conducts business solely within an empowerment zone or enterprise zone, 2. derives 80% of its income from the active conduct of a qualified business within a zone, and. 3. us…

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Credit

    Enhanced Oil Recovery Credit means:a general business credit equal to 15% of a taxpayer's qualified enhanced oil recovery costs for each tax year….

  • Enabling Clause

    Enabling Clause means:a provision in most new laws or statutes that gives appropriate officials the power to implement and enforce the law. For example, Former IRC (check if this IRC provision is current here) §385(a) states, [t…

  • Energy Preference Deduction

    Energy Preference Deduction means:an adjustment to the corporate alternative minimum tax based on the use of certain tax preference items….

  • Entity

    Entity means:the legal form under which property is owned. The benefits and risks of owning a business or property may vary depending on the entity that is formed. Options include a corporation or an S corporation, individual ownership, a joint venture, a limited partnership, a partnership, and …