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  • Legally Separated

    Description and Definition of Legally Separated Married couples living apart under a court order or separate maintenance agreement. Payments under the decree are deductible by the payer and taxable to the payee as alimony. Resources See Also Further Reading Legally Separated in the West's […]

  • Legislative History

    Locating Tax Legislative History Materials Locating Tax Legislative Histories by Code Section Tax Management- Primary Sources, BNA, This set includes five loose-leaf volumes of legislative history documents from 1969 onward. The legislative histories appear in code section order and include presidential messages, House and Senate reports, Conference reports and debates. Federal Income, Gift and Estate Taxation,…

  • Legislative Process

    Legislative Process For information about the legislative process for general bills, see here. Visit also the bills platform of the legal encyclopedia. Learn more about the legislative history here, about the documents that make up the legislative history of a statute, including bills, committee reports, hearings, and floor debates in the legislative process. About the…

  • Legal Exchange Information Service

    About Legal Exchange Information Service: Legal Exchange Information Service (LEXIS) is an on-line database for legal research (after was Lexis-Nexis); its resources include the Federal Tax Library, which contains the full text of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as regulations, revenue rulings, a…

  • Lessee

    Lessee is. one who has the right to use property owned by another; same as tenant….

  • Leverage

    Leverage may have one of the following meanings, depending the context of the term: 1. in general, the use of borrowed funds to increase purchasing power and, ideally to increase the profitability of an investment business. 2. for taxes, debt in relation to equity in a firm's capital structure. Exce…

  • Lease

    Lease means:a contract or agreement in which, in return for the payment of rent, the one entitled to the possession of real property (the lessor) transfers those rights to another (the lessee) for a specified period of time. Example of Lease: <a href="http://lawi.us/tax-examples-explanations-an…

  • Lease With Option To Purchase

    Lease With Option To Purchase means:a lease that gives the lessee (tenant) the right to purchase property at an agreed-upon price under certain conditions. In general, a lease is a contract in respect of real or personal property, under which the owner of the property grants to another the right…

  • Legislative Overkill

    Legislative Overkill means:a law that is intended to plug a loophole but goes far beyond what is necessary to achieve that effect….

  • Leveraged Esop

    Leveraged Esop means:a plan that borrows money and purchases employer stock directly from a company….