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A continuously updated, comprehensive, Web-based guide to almost everything you need, we believe, to know to practice before the IRS. A comprendium of the most comprehensive guidance and information available in IRS practice. This practical resource covers IRS procedure from the first stages of an examination through the appeals process and tax collection.

What this resource is about:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of practice before the IRS
  • Analysis of all phases of IRS procedure from the first stage of an examination, responses to a deficiency notice, appeals within the IRS, collection due process hearings, tax litigation and collection
  • Analysis of partnership audits including judicial review
  • Complete coverage of the court decision and IRS rulings, announcements and regulations
  • Current tax legislation
  • Application of the statute of limitations on assessment and the many special rules that can override the normal three-year assessment period
  • Updates on changes to the IRM
  • Thorough analysis of tax litigation
  • Primary Sources (including convenient access to the IRM)
  • Practice Aids

What it helps you do:

  • Know every step of the IRS audit process (see below)
  • Effectively resolve controversies before the IRS
  • Identify favorable taxpayer opportunities and reduce clients’ penalties
  • Save tax legal research time

We hope this resource help you to Know what to do in every step along the way of an IRS audit including:

  • How to submit an offer in compromise
  • How to file an appeal with the IRS
  • How to handle a collection due process hearing

Resource Structure

  • Analysis: IRS Practice Resource offer analysis that clearly explains IRS procedure and offers guidance on what to do at every step of an audits appeal, collection or litigation.
  • Source Documents: Including IRS Code, Regs., Pubs., and convenient access to the IRM, MSSPs, Tax Court Rules, Court of Federal Claims Rules