Real Estate Taxation Resource

Real Estate Taxation Resource

Real Estate Taxation Resource Details

What this content is about:

The Real Estate Taxation Resource provides outlines, resources and expert guidance in every key area of real estate tax planning. The Real Estate Taxation Resource includes in-depth analysis of experts who handle real estate taxation issues and practice tools and instant access to relevant source documents.

What it helps you do:

  • Gain expert advice on real estate taxation issues. The resource provides you with the experience of leading experts who specialize in the topics they cover.
  • Get a in-depth knowledge about interpretation on real estate tax developments and any developments in real estate planning.
  • Save time with easy-to-use practice tools. Locate in our resource and get access to Federal tax forms and State tax forms (optional); tables, charts and lists; and working papers (including sample plans and documents) which enable you to use these real-world practice documents.

Resource Structure

  • Guides: Treatise-like pieces that provide in-depth analysis and practice tools for practitioners who handle real estate taxation issues.
  • Insights, commentary and analysis of emerging real estate tax planning trends and issues.
  • Source documents: Primary Source material including Laws & Regulations, Agency Documents, and Cases

Major Topics Covered:

> Capital Assets
> Cooperative and Condominium Apartments
> Depreciation: MACRS and ACRS
> Depreciation Recapture
> Home Office, Vacation Home, and Home Rental Deductions
> Installment Sales
> Involuntary Conversions
> Passive Loss Rules
> Real Estate Investment Trusts
> Real Estate Leases
> Real Estate Mortgages
> Real Estate Transactions by Tax-Exempt Entities
> Rehabilitation Tax Credit and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
> REMICs, FASITs and Other Mortgage-Backed Securities
> Taxation of Real Estate Transactions
> Tax-free Exchanges under Section 1031
> Tax Implications of Home Ownership