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Tax Policy Resource

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What this service is:

The Tax Policy Resource helps users keep abreast of ongoing and emerging tax issues and assists them in analyzing pronouncements and other actions by major tax standard setters. The Tax Policy Resource includes in-depth analysis and practical guidance from expert legal practitioners and the latest tax pieces of legislation and developments.

What it helps you do:

  • Know what the rules mean and how to apply them. This web-based resource offers detailed, practical guidance so you know precisely what the rules mean and how to apply them. Portfolio guidance covers critical and complex issues.
  • Know your options. The resource provides author perspectives so you can make the most informed tax policy decisions.
  • Know what’s happening. This resource interprets the latest tax rules and pronouncements. It includes in-depth analysis on hot issues.
  • Zero in quickly. Find the guidance you need using keyword indexes, Table of Cases, and a list of working papers by label title or topic.
  • Save time. Working Papers include illustrative forms, pertinent professional standards, sample plans, clauses, checklists as well as other useful documents.