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  • Dual-status Taxpayer

    Dual-status Taxpayer Dual-status Taxpayer means:an alien who is both a nonresident alien and a resident alien during the same tax year. Description and Definition of Dual-Status Taxpayer An alien who is a resident part of the tax year and a non-resident the other part of the tax year. […]

  • Dual-capacity Taxpayer

    Dual-capacity Taxpayer means:a person subject to a compulsory levy by a foreign government who also receives a specific economic benefit….

  • Dual Resident

    Dual Resident means:a taxpayer who is a resident of two countries. Most U.S. tax treaties with other countries contain a “tiebreaker” provision that determines the country of residence of a person who is a resident of both countries.U.S. and other Developed Countries International Tax Meanin…

  • Duty

    Duty may have one of the following meanings, depending the context of the term: 1. a tax imposed on the importation, exportation, or consumption of goods. 2. an obligation of a fiduciary or other person in a responsible position.U.S. and other Developed Countries International Tax MeaningCu…

  • Durable Powers of Attorney

    Durable Powers of Attorney By Andrew H. Hook, Esq. Oast & Hook, P.C., Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, VA Durable powers of attorney (DPAs) are extremely complex, powerful, and flexible legal instruments that create significant legal authority, duties, and obligations. The scope of the power of attorney, as well as its provisions, should be tailored to…

  • Durable Power of Attorney

    Durable Power of Attorney means:a power of attorney that remains in effect even if the principal becomes incompetent….