Estates, Gifts and Trusts Resource

Estates, Gifts and Trusts Resource

The estates, gifts and trusts resource that features research, planning and implementation tools on one platform — backed by the leading tax experts. Professional Analysis of dozens of topics about estates, gifts and trusts planning.


Topics include:

  • Generation Skipping Tax
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Estate Planning for Closely-Held Businesses
  • Exempt Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Life Insurance
  • Valuation

Practice Tools

Practice Tools include:

  • Working papers
  • Guides
  • Tables, charts, and lists
  • Analysis of IRS Forms
  • State Forms
  • Other practice aids

Source Documents

These include:

  • Full text of the IRC
  • Final, Temporary, and Proposed Regulations
  • IRS Documents —including Rev. Ruls., Rev. Procs., Notices and Announcements, PLRs and TAMs
  • IRS Publications
  • Full Text of Federal Cases from all federal courts from 1913 to date; Tax Court rules; Court of Federal Claim Rules
  • Selected full text of legislation with committee reports
  • Circular 230
  • Coordinated Issue Papers
  • Industry Specialization Papers
  • Treasury Decision Preambles
  • Treasury Regulations
  • State tax statutes and regs.
  • State cases