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What this content is about:

The Tax Business Operations Abroad Resource provide expert guidance on the tax aspects of expanding and operating businesses abroad. Written by leading experts, the Portfolios provide vital tax and technical information on running operations in the EU and foreign countries from Argentina to Vietnam. Also included is the text of tax treaties between the U.S. and foreign countries.

What it helps you do:

Allows you to confidently advise on or facilitate expansion and outsourcing abroad. Concise Guides are written with the U.S. practitioner in mind – highlighting and analyzing issues that are most important to you.

Index Structure

  • Guides: In-depth analysis of how to conduct business in foreign countries.
  • Practice Tools: Model Articles of Incorporation, sample plans, documents and more
  • Source documents: Text of tax treaties between U.S. and foreign countries.

Countries Covered:

> Argentina
> Australia
> Austria
> Belgium
> Brazil
> Canada
> Chile
> Colombia
> People’s Republic of China
> Republic of China (Taiwan)
> Denmark
> European Union
> Finland
> France
> Germany
> Hong Kong
> Republic of Ireland
> India
> Israel
> Italy
> Japan
> Republic of Korea
> Luxembourg
> Mexico
> Netherlands
> The Netherlands Antilles
> New Zealand
> Philippines
> Poland
> Puerto Rico
> Russia
> South Africa
> Singapore
> Spain
> Sweden
> Switzerland
> United Kingdom
> Venezuela
> Vietnam
> Territories and Possessions of the United States